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 Testing edit/​creation permissions Testing edit/​creation permissions
 +45 minutes: Paper on CC
 +Top Ideas
 +- Study Guide Creator
 +- Games -> "play generator"​
 +  - Values of interest: typical football statistics, historical faceoffs of two players (when applicable),​ (possibly) home vs. away pass accuracy, opponent ​
 +    history against a certain route type, time qb tends to be in a pocket.
 +  - Source for stats? http://​www.sportstats.com/?​
 +- Argument generator
 +- Word Mapping to Infer Protected Information
 +  - Stock Trading Suggesting
 +    - How does (or does) the use of language by CFOs/Execs help to better predict the outcome of stock price?
 +    - Leveraging Macro and micro trends
 +    - Leverage current pattern finding practices to classify different stocks by risk and growth potential
 +    - Use Yahoo! Finance as a source?
 +    - Regularly check company news, scraping new information,​ updating existing models and making suggestions for buying/​selling
 +    - Difficulty -> potentially large amounts of noise
 +        - Micro trends will be the focus when vetting potentially "​strong candidates"​
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