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Rhyme is a general word that covers dozens and dozens of complex concepts. Here is a list of every subtype of rhyme I could find, in alphabetical order. Some terms are redundant, and many are not even phonetic. Here is my attempted organization of these terms: Organized rhyme terms

Alternating rhyme

Apocopated rhyme

Approximate rhyme

Assonant rhyme

Broken rhyme

Caesural rhyme

Consonant rhyme

Cross rhyme

Crossed rhyme

Dactylic rhyme

Double rhyme

End rhyme

Envelope rhyme

Extended rhyme

Extra-syllable rhyme

Eye rhyme

Feminine rhyme

Forced rhyme

Full rhyme

Half rhyme

Head rhyme


Homonym rhyme

Identical rhyme

Imperfect rhyme

Initial rhyme

Inserted rhyme

Interlaced rhyme

Interlocking rhyme

Intermittent rhyme

Internal rhyme

Irregular rhyme

Leonine rhyme

Light rhyme

Linked rhyme

Macaronic rhyme

Masculine rhyme

Medial rhyme

Mind rhyme

Misplaced-rhyme scheme

More than perfect rhyme

Mosaic rhyme

Multiple rhyme

Near rhyme

Oblique rhyme

Occasional rhyme

Off rhyme

Off-centered rhyme

One-syllable rhyme


Perfect rhyme

Punning rhyme

Pure rhyme

Rhyme in Verse

Rich rhyme

Rime couée

Scarce rhyme


Sight rhymes

Single rhyme

Slant rhyme

Spelling rhymes

Spoken word rhyme style

Sporadic rhyme

Sprung rhyme


Syllabic rhyme

Tail rhyme

Terminal rhyme

Thorn line

Triple rhyme

True rhyme

Unaccented rhyme

Weak rhyme

Wrenched rhyme





= 77 terms related to rhyming

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