1. What prompts the boys to decide what they're going to do today?
	a. Their dad shows them an old escape chamber he has in the family antique shop
2. What are they trying to do?
	a. they build the biggest baddest escape tower and try to get out of it
3. How does Perry get to his lair? Or disappear?
	a. waves a fancy cardboard box through a hula hoop, opens the box, jumps into it and disappears. The box also disappears, leaving nothing but the hula hoop.
4. How does Doofenschmirz trap Perry?
	a. left a sign asking him to wipe his feet. When Perry does so, he goes down a trapdoor and comes back up trapped in a fake cat
5. What made Doof decide to build his inator?
	a. his brother Roger was better at manners and etiquette than he was (Roger said their *very ugly* aunt Effie was sweet and his favorite. Doof said "That's some mole!"). He wants to embarrass his brother Roger while Roger is meeting the British ambassador.
6. What inator did he build and what does he hope to accomplish with it?
	a. Rude-inator, so he can embarrass his brother Rogerhe's no
7. What is Candace doing besides trying to bust the boys?
	a. she's sleeping. She does say "must bust Phineas and Ferb" in their sleep, and Baljeet, Buford, and Isabella play all kinds of tricks on her while she is sleeping
8. What is Mom trying to accomplish for the day?
	a. take an introduction to ice sculpture class
9. There will be several times that Candace tries to show Mom what Phineas and Ferb are doing, but by sheer luck her Mom can't see it even though it's right in front of her face. How do these instances occur?
	a. not in this episode
10. If Doof's invention fails, what causes that to happen? If it succeeds, in what way does this end up being a problem for him? What keeps it from breaking continuity?
	a. It shoots the wrong thing, and his brother's rudeness is an act. What actually becomes rude is the escape tower. When Doof discovers it's an act, he accidentally hits the inator's self-destruct button
11. What ends up cleaning up Phineas and Ferb's activities before Mom gets home?
	a. The tower decides to trap them and "all their friends." Phineas and Ferb innocently start commenting on how they have friends all over Danville, and the tri-state area, then the world, then even in space, so the tower encloses bigger and bigger areas until it includes the entire galaxy. So it shoots out of the backyard.
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