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 +The following instructions on how to setup the CCASH client for development may also be found in the Ccash project under docs/​how-to. Edits here should be refelected back to the project.
 +==Install Eclipse and Plugins==
 +===Install Eclipse===
 +If Eclipse is not installed on your system, visit the [http://​www.eclipse.org/​downloads/​ Eclipse Download Page] And aquire the proper version of eclipse for you platfrom. The Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers is the easiest to setup with the other plguins needed for Ccash development,​ but any should do.
 +===Install Google Plugin===
 +To install Google'​s web application plugin for eclipse
 +# Open Eclipse and click on Help->​Software Updates->​Available Software->​Add Site
 +# Add the following site: http://​dl.google.com/​eclipse/​plugin/​3.4 (for Ganymede) or http://​dl.google.com/​eclipse/​plugin/​3.5 (For Galileo)
 +# Install everything in the software repository that appears.
 +'''​Note:'''​ If the google plugin is stalling on install it is
 +likely that eclipse is attempting to search for updates to
 +google'​s dependencies. You can prevent this by opening
 +::Help > Software Updates > Available Software > Manage Sites
 +and unchecking everything except the google site above.
 +===Install Mylyn Trac Plugin===
 +To install Mylyn'​s trac plugin for eclipse
 +# Open Eclipse and click on Help->​Software Updates->​Available Software->​Add Site
 +# Add the following site: http://​download.eclipse.org/​tools/​mylyn/​update/​extras
 +# Find and install the Trac plugin inside the new Mylyn Extras software repository.
 +*Sometimes the mylyn extras site is available but not active in eclipse. Go to Help->​Software Updates->​Available Software->​Manage Sites to activate.
 +*Depending on which version of Eclipse you use, you may need to install the core components of Mylyn integration as well.
 +*Set up your Trac repository
 +**Open the "Team Synchronizing"​ Perspective
 +**Right click in Task Repositories,​ select "Add Task Repository
 +**Select the "​Trac"​ option and add the following repository "​http://​nlp.cs.byu.edu/​trac/​ccash"​
 +**Fill in your credentials
 +**Validate, and finish.
 +*:Now you can see and check off tickets in the "​Planning"​ Perspective.
 +*Queries are simply ways of filtering the trac tickets and feature
 +*:requests for your convenience.
 +===Install Subclipse Plugin===
 +To install the Sublipse subversion plugin for eclipse 3.4
 +# Open Eclipse and click on Help->​Software Updates->​Available Software->​Add Site
 +# Add the following site: http://​subclipse.tigris.org/​update_1.6.x ​
 +# Install everything in the resulting software repository. ​
 +*Subclipse options show up when you right click on a project or file and select "​Team"​.
 +*When you commit code, remember to write a brief message describing your changes.
 +*Please don't check in code that does not compile
 +*If you have a working copy and subclipse is not sensing it, try the following:
 +*#Right click the project,
 +*#Do Team->​Share Project and select SVN.
 +*:It should discover your .svn files and repository at this point.
 +==CCASH Eclipse Setup==
 +To setup an Eclipse project for CCASH development:​
 +===Setup Project===
 +1. Install Eclipse and several plugins:
 +  a) The Subclipse plugin (see [[#Install Subclipse Plugin]]).
 +  b) The Google plugin (see [[#Install Google Plugin]]).
 +  c) The Trac plugin (see [[#Install Mylyn Trac Plugin]]).
 +2.Checkout project:
 +  a)Do File->​New->​Project
 +  b)Select SVN->​Checkout Projects from SVN
 +  c)Select "​Create a new repository location"​ and click Next
 +  d)Enter the repository URL http://​nlp.cs.byu.edu/​subversion/​ccash/​trunk
 +    *If you don't have permission to access the repository,
 +     speak with an nlp lab sysadmin.
 +  e)Select the root of the repository and click Next
 +  f)Select "Check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard"​
 +  g)click Finish
 +3.Create Project:
 +:''​A new window should have opened that appears the same as step 2.b''​
 +  a)Select Google->​Web Application Project
 +  b)For the "​Project Name" box, enter "​Ccash"​
 +  c)For "​Package"​ box, enter "​edu.byu.nlp.ccash"​
 +  d)DESELECT "Use Google App Engine"​ if selected
 +  e)Click Finish
 +:Eclipse will now take a while to check out your project. Be patient.
 +4. Add libraries to the build path:
 +  a)Right click on your project and select properties.
 +  b)Do "Java Build Path"​->"​Libraries"​->"​Add JARs"
 +  c)Select all the jars inside your project'​s war/​WEB-INF/​lib folder.
 +  d)Do "Add Library"​
 +  c)Select JUnit and click Next
 +  d)Select JUnit 3 and click Finish
 +5. In order to run JUnit tests, you'll need to make the test directory into a src directory on the build path.
 +  a)Right click on your project
 +  b)Select "​Properties"​->"​Build Path"​->"​Source"​->"​Add Folder"​
 +  c)Select the "​test"​ folder.  ​
 +6.Generate Eclipse run configurations for running JUnit tests and creating internationalizable constants by editing and running the script tools/​createCcashEclipseTargets.sh (or .bat).
 +Note: This should be run from the root directory of the project.
 +7.Set up trac repository (See Notes in [[#Install Mylyn Trac Plugin]])
 +8. Set Subplcipse to ignore autogenerated files.
 +  a)Do  Window->​Show View->​Navigator
 +  b)For each file/​folder:​
 +    i. Right Click
 +    ii. Select Team->​Add to svn:ignore.
 +    iii. Click Okay
 +   ​Folders:​
 +    .settings
 +    www-test
 +    tomcat
 +   ​Files:​
 +    .classpath
 +    .project
 +    CcashConstants*
 +    CcashTest*
 +:Most of these files/​folders will have a small ? icon. If they have neither a ? nor a small cylinder then they have already been set to be ignored.''​
 +:'''​Note:'''​The hibernate.cfg.xml file and the tools/​createCcashEclipseTargets
 +::should only be committed if project wide changes are made so as not
 +::to interfere with others settings. Upon commit, eclipse will
 +::give you the option to not commit specific files. In the case of
 +::​createCcashEclipseTargets itmay be easiest to undo your changes after
 +::running as it will not be needed again.
 +9. Set up your database (see [[CCASH Database Setup]]).
 +===Run in Hosted Mode===
 +Your Ccash client should now be ready to run in hosted mode.
 +Select the root of the project and select "​Run"​->"​Run As"​->"​Web Application"​
 +to have Eclipse generate the default run configuration.
 +The default login is
 +  username:​admin
 +  password:​passwd
 +'''​Note For 64-bit users:'''​
 +There are issues with getting hosted mode to run
 +on 64-bit java. Installing different JREs is platform dependant
 +but the one eclipse will use to run your project can
 +be set in Run->Run Configurations.  ​
 +===Deploy to Tomcat Server===
 +To deploy CCash'​s WAR folder onto Tomcat:
 +# Compile your project by pushing the "GWT Compile Project"​ button in the google menu.
 +# Now deploy your war folder on Tomcat by copying it into your Tomcat/​webapps
 +#:folder and renaming it "​Ccash"​. ​ Tomcat should uncompress it and deploy it automatically.
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