To Do List

  • Segmentation/Tagging in one swoop
    • What has been done?
      • Hanna Wallach CRF tutorial
      • First CRF tutorial
      • Chinese segmentation/tagging combo papers.
    • Find where Lab is
      • Peter's state of affairs POS Tagging
      • Morph List??
      • Run morph tagger, perceptron tagger?

For experiments,

  • Describe succinctly
  • Reason
  • Certain about method

Changes to StatNLP

  • Turn FeatureExtractor into an abstract class that handles the if(Labeled) casting issues in all FeatureExtractors
  • FeatureExtractor Interface: Type (maybe Datum maybe not) → Datum, Readers output a Type (for now we can stick with Collection of datums)
    • Another possibility is structured datum is a map which will change interfaces but may fit better
      • Generic feature extractor could extract features from the text (of email, doc, forum, etc.)
  • Models take Datums (exceptions may exist like NetflixMovieModel but not in code base)
  • pipelines?
  • what is the role of vectors in the feature pipeline?
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