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 +I'm creating this page in an attempt to document what I learn about Bruce'​s polynomial regression implementation in Language-ID/​scripts/​seg2xml3.pl. Currently this code fails under Cygwin and 64-bit Linux, so the better I understand it the more likely I can fix it. --[[User:​Josh|Josh]] 17:29, 28 June 2007 (MDT)
 +The implementation utilizes the [http://​pdl.perl.org/​ PDL] numerics library. Bruce is using the following includes:
 +:use strict;
 +:use Data::​Dumper;​
 +:use POSIX qw(ceil floor);
 +:use PDL ();
 +:use PDL::Ops ();
 +:use PDL::​Fit::​Polynomial ();
 +He notes in a comment:
 +:Use empty list () after PDL imports to avoid having it pollute our namespace with unwanted symbols, such as a ceil and floor that clobber (and are incompatible with) the ones imported from POSIX. See "​perldoc -f use" for details on the "use ... ()" syntax.
 +:PDL's importer doesn'​t behave normally; it imports symbols even when you give an explicit list a la "use PDL qw(pdl)"​.
 +Question: Why use the POSIX ceil and floor instead of the PDL::Math ceil and floor?
 +[[Category:​Spoken Language ID]]
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