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 +*[[Java]] 5 or greater (Java 6 for the [[Feature Engineering Console]], unless we ship an additional helper library)
 +*[[Ant]] -- (minimum version requirement?​)
 +** Netbeans-produced build scripts will require the ant-optional package
 +*[[GCC]] -- to compile [[Detware]]
 +*[[Cmake]] >= 2.4.3 -- to generate the build system
 +*[[Gmake]] -- to run the build system
 +*[[Ruby]] >= 1.8
 +*[[PDL]] for 32-bit Linux -- for quadratic regression in [[seg2xml3.pl]]
 +*[[Gnuplot]] (this dependency will probably go away and be replaced by [[JFreeChart]] when the FEC takes the driver seat)
 +*[[Subversion]] -- for source code checkout
 +[[Category:​Spoken Language ID]]
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