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 * [[Language ID Feature Log|Feature Log]] * [[Language ID Feature Log|Feature Log]]
 * [[Language ID Features|Available Features (Implemented)]] * [[Language ID Features|Available Features (Implemented)]]
-* [[Spoken Language ID/Documentation|Documentation]] and [[Spoken Language ID/​Documentation#​Scripts|Scripts Documentation]]+* [[Documentation|Documentation]] and [[Spoken Language ID/​Documentation#​Scripts|Scripts Documentation]]
 * [[Inventory of Corpora]] * [[Inventory of Corpora]]
 * [[Inventory of Possible Features]] * [[Inventory of Possible Features]]
 * [http://​www.refworks.com/​refshare?​site=027751135929600000/​RWWS3A1418554/​SLID Merged RefWorks bibliography] * [http://​www.refworks.com/​refshare?​site=027751135929600000/​RWWS3A1418554/​SLID Merged RefWorks bibliography]
-* [[Projects:​SpokenLID:​Bibliography|Bibliography]]+* [[Bibliography|Bibliography]]
 * [[Scratch Bibliography]] -- Temporary * [[Scratch Bibliography]] -- Temporary
 * [[Feature Definition XML File Roadmap]] * [[Feature Definition XML File Roadmap]]
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