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 += CCASH: Cost-Conscious Annotation Supervised by Humans =
 +See [[CCASH Setup]] for instructions on how to setup CCASH for development.
 +== Versions ==
 +* [[CCASH_0.1|0.1]] - Demoed in the ALFA meeting on 10 Dec 08
 +== Goals ==
 +See [[CCASH Schedule]] for current goal deadlines.
 +* English user-study with AL in the loop
 +* Syriac user-study with AL in the loop
 +== Components ==
 +=== Dictionary/​Lexicon ===
 +* [[LexiconFormat|Format for storing additional lexicon information]]
 +== Experimental Variables ==
 +* Dictionary v. no dictionary
 +* Sentence v. word v. other granularity
 +* Waiting: human or machine
 +* Modes of keyboard interaction
 +* Dictionary: building from scratch or pre-formed
 +* Scope of annotation: project vs. document
 +== Feature Set Pool ==
 +This is the wishlist of features we will use to create version 0.2's target feature set.  Right now this is a fluid pool.  Please add things. ​ We can decide which features stay in future meetings.
 +*High Priority
 +**projects created
 +**complete work flow for a document: it may be assigned to a user, annotated, reviewed, and marked complete.
 +**user administration panel: create, assign roles, delete
 +**project admininstration panel: create, assign to users, delete
 +**link to dictionary entries in the annotation lens
 +**create new dictionary entries from words during the annotation process
 +**deal gracefully with English'​s tagset (single category, 45 possible values)
 +*Low Priority
 +**security (password hashing, email verification)
 +*No Assigned Priority...yet
 +**active reviewing - just seeing conflicts not everything?
 +**token correction - by reviewer or annotator, token was input incorrectly into database, etc.
 +**annotator comments to reviewer - about documents, tokens, any granularity
 +**annotation color codes - yellow=computer,​ blue=human, green=reviewed/​approved,​ red=problem
 +**subversion style annotating - each annotation is a revision/​multiple annotations per word
 +**change database engine to innodb
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