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 +The authors of the Topical Guide wish to acknowledge the following software projects and individuals for generously providing their code under the terms of the indicated licenses:
 +===Topic Modeling===
 +*[http://​mallet.cs.umass.edu/​ MALLET] (CPL)
 +*[http://​www.cs.princeton.edu/​~blei/​topicmodeling.html TurboTopics] by David Blei (GPLv2+)
 +===Web Interface===
 +*[http://​www.djangoproject.com/​ Django] (BSD)
 +*[http://​matplotlib.sourceforge.net/​ MatPlotLib] (Based on Python Software Foundation license)
 +*[http://​numpy.scipy.org/​ NumPy] (BSD)
 +*[http://​www.scipy.org/​ SciPy] (BSD)
 +*[http://​jquery.com/​ JQuery] (MIT/GPLv2)
 +===Graph Generation===
 +*[http://​gephi.org/​toolkit Gephi Toolkit] (AGPLv3)
 +*[http://​netbeans.org Netbeans Platform] (CDDLv1.0/​GPLv2 with Classpath Exception)
 +*[http://​openjdk.java.net/​ OpenJDK] (GPLv2 with Classpath Exception)
 +*[http://​www.zentus.com/​sqlitejdbc/​ SQLite JDBC] (BSD)
 +*[http://​www.ColorBrewer.org Colorbrewer] (AGPLv2)
 +*[http://​python-doit.sourceforge.net DoIt] (MIT)
 +*[http://​www.nltk.org/​ NLTK] (Apache v2.0)
 +*[http://​www.aaronsw.com/​2002/​html2text/​ html2text.py] (GPLv3)
 +*[http://​www.feedparser.org/​ Universal Feed Parser] (MIT)
 +*[http://​code.google.com/​p/​python-twitter/​ python-twitter] (Apache v2.0)
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