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 +'''​[UPDATE]'''​ We have met our quota on survey participants for the present time. A new survey will be posted at the end of the second phase. Thanks for all the help!
 +===Want to help?===
 +Help us test our system: participate as a research subject! Take a brief survey to rate our paraphrase-creating computer system. The survey is ready! <link disabled until further notice> Click here to go to the survey. Send email to rmadsen(at)byu(dot)net if you have any questions or problems taking the survey.
 +The survey questions are meant to help us evaluate two things: ​
 +     (1) whether or not the system generates acceptable paraphrases ​
 +     (2) how different the two sentences are from each other
 +The survey will have 30 pairs of sentences for you to judge.
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