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-Add links to your classes here! 
-[[cs-124:​start|CS 124]] (this is an example) 
 [[cs-142:​start|CS 142]] [[cs-142:​start|CS 142]]
 +[[cs-224:​start|CS 224]]
 [[cs-236:​start|CS 236]] [[cs-236:​start|CS 236]]
 [[cs-312:​start|CS 312]] [[cs-312:​start|CS 312]]
 +[[cs-360002:​start|CS 360 s 002]]
 [[cs-401R:​start|CS 401R - Probabilistic Foundations of Machine Learning]] [[cs-401R:​start|CS 401R - Probabilistic Foundations of Machine Learning]]
 +[[cs-401R003:​start|CS 401R s 003 - Modern Data Analysis with Statistical Machine Learning]]
 [[cs-465:​start|CS 465]] [[cs-465:​start|CS 465]]
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 [[cs-498R:​start|CS 498R Competitive Programming]] [[cs-498R:​start|CS 498R Competitive Programming]]
 +[[cs-601R-usability:​start|CS 601R Topics in Usability]]
 [[cs-665:​start|CS 665]] [[cs-665:​start|CS 665]]
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 [[cs-686:​start|CS 686]] [[cs-686:​start|CS 686]]
 +[[MIND:​start|MIND Lab]]
 [[VV-Lab:​start|VV-Lab]] [[VV-Lab:​start|VV-Lab]]
 Here are notes on '''​[[MediaWiki Migration]]'''​ Here are notes on '''​[[MediaWiki Migration]]'''​
-If you have any questions/​concerns/​suggestions, ​email <​ryancha@cs.byu.edu>+Here are notes to '''​[[get started]]'''​ using the new wiki 
 +If you have any questions/​concerns/​suggestions, ​please visit our help site at [http://​ticket.cs.byu.edu ticket.cs.byu.edu].  
 +The old wikis from wiki.cs.byu.edu are at this link: [http://​wiki.cs.byu.edu/​facwiki/​ wiki.cs.byu.edu].
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