Labor Day

Missing/Overdue Person. 9 yo male. Wandered away from campsite while the mother was preparing lunch. When the family discovered that he was gone, they quickly searched around the camp and asked the other groups at the campsite, but he had not been seen. Campsite rangers were notified at 1150h.

The Lassen family arrived at Blackhawk Campground (site E20) Thursday afternoon and spent the next two days hiking and fishing. Saturday morning the father went for a short hike with the youngest boy and a teenage daughter, leaving Steven with his mother. The two played around camp for a while, until the mother began preparing lunch. Steven Lassen was playing with a wrist-rocket near camp when his mother last saw him. She told him not to go far. The father and other children returned for lunch only ten minutes later; they called for Steven but couldn't find him.

Steven was wearing jeans, a blue, gray and red t-shirt, and light-colored tennis shoes. He carried only his wrist-rocket and a watch. Steven is usually playful and outgoing; he likes sports and outdoor activities. His mother did not notice any peculiar behavior or different moods this morning—he just slept later than the other two children. The weather is warm and clear, and it is only 1255h.

September 30

Missing/Overdue Bikers. Adult male, 35 yo. and female 33 yo. started biking with a larger group, but becam separated and have not been seen. Victims Rick and Trina Swenson planned to bike from the Mud Springs trailhead on the Alpine Loop to Tibble Fork Resorvoir. The two left the parking lot near the Cascade Springs turnoff around 1700h with a second couple, but got behind almost immediately when Trina had to repair a flat tire. The couple has biked extensively in Southern Utah, however this was their first time biking on the Alpine Loop. Rick is described as 6' 2” white male, 185 lbs., blond hair. He was wearing black biking shorts, a long-sleeve white shirt, white Nike shoes, and a blue biking helmet. He had a red camelback with some Powerbars and water. Trina is 5' 11” and 145 lb. She was wearing black biking shorts, a yellow shirt, and black biking shoes. She also had a red camelback and a black bicycle helmet. They had several quarts of water when they left, but no extra clothing. They had hoped to make it to Tibble Fork, where they had parked one car, before it got too cold. Three hours have passed, and the temperature has dropped nearly thirty degrees since the afternoon. A steady wind had picked up.

October 27

Missing/Overdue Hunter. Adult male 47 yo. Separated from hunting party while pursuing deer. Luke Morris was hunting in the Wanrhodes Basin area with his brother-in-law Mic Lewis and his son Ty Morris. Early Tuesday morning they drove up Diamond Fork to Wanrhodes Canyon. They parked just off the main road on the south of the basin. They spread out and began making their way southeast. Around 1100h they met back together at the top of the ridge southeast of the basin overlooking Red Hollow. Luke and Ty started north along a trail, while Mic decided to work his way south. Luke stayed high on the ridge near the Diamond Fork Road. Ty dropped down toward the basin and worked his way through the brush to the northeast. About an hour later, Ty heard some shots off to the east; he thought it might have been his father shooting. By 1600h Ty circled back to the truck and found Mic. Luke had not returned. They drove up the Diamond Fork road, but could not find him. It is now 2030h, dark, and lightly snowing.

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