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 +== Next field trial assignments and details ==
 +Let's meet at the standard location at 9 a.m.  That means that we'll need to meet at the location to hide the simulated missing person at around 8:00 a.m.  Anyone meeting at the TMCB to load equipment or to carpool should also be there by around 9:00 a.m.
 +=== Logistics ===
 +* Scenario / Hide Missing Person: Spencer Clark, Brian Buss, and Mike Goodrich
 +* Trailer: Adam Brandt (Mech. Eng.)
 +* Coordinate Bringing Hardware: Carson Fenimore
 +* Radios: Mike Goodrich
 +* Food: James Williams and Spencer Gardner
 +=== Search ===
 +* Incident Commander / Mission Manager: Ron Zeeman
 +* Safety Officer / Base Team Coordinator:​ Bryan Morse
 +* UAV Operator: Greg Alldredge (with Nathan Rasmussen)
 +* Video Searchers: Daniel Thornton, Sam Ogden
 +* Ground Team: Spencer Clark and Mike Goodrich
 +* Hardware Support: Carson Fenimore, Greg Alldredge, and Nathan Rasmussen
 +=== Recording ===
 +* Video Notes: James Williams and Spencer Gardner
 +* Ethnography (Notes): UVU participants and all others
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