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 +==Building WiSAR C++ Project==
 +===Download Required 3rd Party Software===
 +====Qt SDK====
 +* http://​qt.nokia.com
 +* We recommend using Qt Creator. Though you can compile Qt projects in Visual Studio, instructions on Qt's site.
 +* We've been using version 4.8, you're welcome to try with newer versions.
 +* http://​developer.nvidia.com/​cuda/​cuda-downloads (get both SDK and Toolkit 64-bit, we've been using 4.2)
 +* Make sure that you get a version of CUDA supported by the OpenCV version you plan on using
 +* This must be installed BEFORE OpenCV so that CUDA support is compiled into the OpenCV libraries when you build them
 +* http://​www.cmake.org/​cmake/​resources/​software.html
 +* This is used for compiling OpenCV
 +* http://​opencv.willowgarage.com/​wiki/​ (we've been using 2.3.2-ish)
 +* Use CMAKE to generate project files for appropriate build platform (i.e. Visual Studio 10, MinGW)
 +* Be sure to build the 64 bit version -- in Visual Studio you have to change the target build configuration to be x64, in Linux specify the appropriate 64-bit architecture when you configure (there may even be a spot to do this in CMAKE additionally)
 +* Point CUDA variables (in CMAKE) to installed CUDA libraries if not automatically done by CMAKE
 +* Build libs and/or dlls (in Linux, run make, then make install in build folder you specified to CMAKE. in Windows, open project files in Visual Studio 10 and compile them).
 +====Google Protocol Buffers====
 +* http://​code.google.com/​p/​protobuf
 +* Follow instructions online to build libs / dlls for protobufs (again, build the 64 bit version).
 +===Setup environment variables===
 +  PATH        -- in Windows, add all folders that contain "​.dll"​ files for OpenCV and ProtoBuf (usually found in a "​bin"​ folder for each library).
 +  OPENCVDIR ​  -- should point to a folder that contains an "​include"​ folder with the OpenCV header files and a "​lib"​ folder with all of the built lib files
 +  PROTOBUFDIR -- same as OPENCVDIR only for Google Protobuf (points to root folder that contains lib and include folders). ​  
 +===Checkout WiSAR Project from SVN Repo===
 +      ​
 +  repo:        svn://​wisar.cs.byu.edu/​wisar/​trunk
 +  credentials:​ (see Dr. Morse)
 +===Build the Project===
 +* Within the Qt file "​WisarCommon.pri",​ make sure that the OpenCV version (variable STUPID_CV_VERSION) matches what you have installed
 +* If you run into issues building, some common problems include:
 +** Cannot find appropriate libs or DLLs --- Check that your environment variables are named correctly and are pointing to the correct library files
 +** Sub-projects may be built out of order despite having specified the dependency chain. Worse case you can manually build sub-projects (just build lower-level looking stuff first).
 +** It is not uncommon for newer versions of libraries to not be backwards compatible (Qt and OpenCV have this problem on occasion from what we've experienced). So check the feature-list for the version you are using for major modifications. If there are any, try using an older build of the library in question.
 +** If you are using QtCreator, make sure that you have the appropriate tool chain selected under the projects tab (sometimes, by default in Windows, QtCreator likes to choose the "​Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7" tool chain. This has always given me issues, so choose "​Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 10.0 (x64)"​. Granted, this is dependent on how you built everything else. Just make sure you are consistent)
 +==To Do==
 +===GeoReference Library===
 +This is mostly finished, just need to convert planar coordinates (lat / long) so they are in the same units as altitude (from degrees to meters) during projection. After projection, the coordinates will need to be converted back to degrees (for GPS coordinates).
 +* Occasional crashes when opening and closing video streams
 +* ...
 +===Mingw and OpenMP===
 +To get OpenMP to work on Windows with Mingw follow the instructions [http://​www.mythtv.org/​wiki/​MythTV_on_Windows#​libpthread here]
 +===SURF OpenCV cv::​Exception with flat image===
 +[https://​code.ros.org/​trac/​opencv/​ticket/​68 Solution]
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