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 +I feel there is much good that we can do, but it seems like most of what is stopping it from being adopted is social. ​ I suppose if we had a plane that could work in all weather conditions, and at least be controlled from one laptop, with mosaicing running on another, then we might have something - yet our plane is extremely fragile. ​ It can't handle a lot of wind, no rain, and has limited range. ​ I feel like the technology could be better. As a third party observer, if i saw our plane and found it could only work under fair weather conditions my reaction would be "oh, that's nice - but not for real searching."​
 +On the positive side, we do control and mosaicing now.  ​
 +So, summed up: we need to convey that our plane actually does WHATEVER it does under realistic conditions. ​ This means realistic weather conditions, for example. ​ I realize that it is unreasonable for the plane to handle ALL conditions, but we can certainly do better than we do now.  One possible litmus test for "​reality"​ is to ask "Would a normal search team go out in this weather?" ​ For driving rain and lighting, perhaps the answer is no.  For a light rain with wind gusts, the answer is likely a definite yes.
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