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When and Where

The dry run is on November 14, 2009. at the usual location


  • Bryan Morse
  • Ron Zeeman
  • Mike Roscheck
  • Jacob
  • Greg
  • Daniel Miller
  • Lanny Lin
  • Spencer Clark
  • Daniel Thornton
  • (Add your name to the list if you plan to go!)


Responsibility Assignment
Scenario/ Hide Missing Person None
Trailer None
Coordinate Bringing Hardware None
Radios None
Food Lanny
Incident Commander / Mission Manager None
Safety Officer / Base Team Coordinator None
UAV Operator None
Video Searchers None
Ground Team None
Hardware Support None
Video Notes None
Ethnography (Notes) None


Pictures from the Dry Run

Lanny's blog about the dry run

All photos for the dry run

Geo-tagged photos you can view in Google Earth. (Open the kml file in the zip file.)

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