Missing/Overdue Hiker. 13 yo male missing east of Mammoth Peak. Victim Jared Hardy was camping in the Mammoth Peak area with his father, Allen Hardy. They planned to go relic hunting near Beck mine (no. 1 shaft) in Pine Canyon. Mr. Hardy and his son arrived yesterday (Friday) afternoon about 1530h. They spent some time looking around the Blackjack mine before hiking about 2 miles along a 4WD road around the south side of Mammoth Peak to their camping spot located near Crown Point mine. The victim left camp to look for crystals just before 1900h. He went back down to the southwest, apparently wanting to look for hematite in an outcropping they passed on their way up. His father stayed in camp to prepare dinner. When the boy had not returned by 2000h, his father went looking for him. Not finding his son, he returned to camp and called police from his cel phone. The initial report arrived at 2113h. The victim is described as a 13 yo male, 5' 10” w/ bro/blu. Last seen wearing jeans, white t-shirt, and brown hiking shoes. He also had a navy blue sweatshirt and an orange backpack. The boy was carrying a flashlight, a headlamp, and a small pocketknife.

Allen Hardy last saw his son walking out of camp about 75 yds. south of their campspot. His father was sure that Jared was just following the trail short distance back to a specific location (an outcropping). He does not believe that Jared would go far from the trail, though he may leave it a short distance if something caught his attention. The weather has been cool, but dry. Overnight temperatures dropped into the low 40's. Jared has not eaten since yesterday afternoon.

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