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 +Missing/​Overdue Hiker. ​ 13 yo male missing east of Mammoth Peak.  Victim Jared Hardy was camping in the Mammoth Peak area with his father, Allen Hardy. ​ They planned to go relic hunting near Beck mine (no. 1 shaft) in Pine Canyon. ​ Mr. Hardy and his son arrived yesterday (Friday) afternoon ​ about 1530h. ​ They spent some time looking around the Blackjack mine before hiking about 2 miles along a 4WD road around the south side of Mammoth Peak to their camping spot located near Crown Point mine.  The victim left camp to look for crystals just before 1900h. ​ He went back down to the southwest, apparently wanting to look for hematite in an outcropping they passed on their way up.  His father stayed in camp to prepare dinner. ​ When the boy had not returned by 2000h, his father went looking for him.  Not finding his son, he returned to camp and called police from his cel phone. ​ The initial report arrived at 2113h.
 +The victim is described as a 13 yo male, 5' 10” w/ bro/​blu. ​ Last seen wearing jeans, white t-shirt, and brown hiking shoes. ​ He also had a navy blue sweatshirt and an orange backpack. ​ The boy was carrying a flashlight, a headlamp, and a small pocketknife.
 +Allen Hardy last saw his son walking out of camp about 75 yds. south of their campspot. ​ His father was sure that Jared was just following the trail short distance back to a specific location (an outcropping). ​ He does not believe that Jared would go far from the trail, though he may leave it a short distance if something caught his attention. ​ The weather has been cool, but dry.  Overnight temperatures dropped into the low 40'​s. ​ Jared has not eaten since yesterday afternoon.
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