Missing/Overdue Hiker. 39 yo adult female missing in Hobble Creek Canyon. Victim's husband reports that she was hiking in the area with her dog. Husband reported her overdue at 1300h. Lisa Williams of Spanish Fork was camping with her husband at Cherry Campground in Hobble Creek Canyon. She left camp around 0730h Friday morning for a hike up Days Canyon. She planned to return by 1100h. Her husband David Williams waited for her to return, and called police at 1500h.

The victim's husband reports that she is generally familiar with the area, and that they have often come horseback riding in Diamond Fork (Wanrhodes), Maple Canyon, and Hobble Creek. However she has never been up Days Canyon. Lisa is an active, friendly, and outgoing person. When she left whit morning, she was wearing a yellow running shirt, red shorts, and brown, low-cut hiking shoes. She also had a blue jacket of lightweight fleece, and a small hip pack with a bottle of water and a few packets of Goo (glucose gel).

At dawn, a few scattered alto-cumulus clouds caught the sunrise. The temperature was chilly, but not cold. Since then, the day has warmed up and the sky completely cleared. It is now about 85 degrees at Cherry Campground.

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