Initial Call: Overdue Teen. 14 year old hasn’t returned from a hike to watch the sunrise.

Blake Douglas of Provo left his families camp at 6:30 am this morning to watch the sunrise from the hills. He told his parents he was headed onto the hill to the northwest of their camp. He was due to return by 8:00 am so the family could pack up. At 9 am the father started searching for his son. He found his sons coat just 300 yards northwest of our current location near a fork in the dirt road. The father said the son does not pay close attention to his surroundings and feels he has probably taken a wrong turn and is lost. The call came in at 10 am. Blake left camp with sufficient clothing, but with no food and only a small water bottle. Sunrise was at about 7:15 in the morning.

Blake is a 14 yo male, 5’9” w/ brown hair, and brown eyes. He was wearing tan pants and a red shirt under a green sweatshirt and a blue coat (which the father recovered). The family was camped just north of the Elberta Slant Road where it meets up with the railroad grade.

Victims Blue Jacket was at GPS location: N 39.997368° W 112.019850°

Victims Green Sweatshirt was located at: N 39.99883° W 112.01601° (This is an approximate location. The jacket was found on the North Side of the road for those looking through the video.)

Victim was found at: N 39.999590° W 112.016930°

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