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 +'''​Goal:​ Predict how people move as a function of terrain.'''​
 +==Lost Track Website==
 +* Possible addition of a Facebook Application?​
 +* I have a facebook up and ready to go. It could probably use more to make it more appealing, so let me know what you guys think. http://​apps.facebook.com/​losttrack/​
 +==Read and discuss papers==
 +* http://​faculty.cs.byu.edu/​~mike/​mikeg/​papers/​HRISurvey.pdf
 +* http://​www3.interscience.wiley.com/​cgi-bin/​fulltext/​117865012/​PDFSTART?​CRETRY=1&​SRETRY=0
 +* UAVS in the wild paper
 +* http://​proceedings.esri.com/​library/​userconf/​feduc08/​papers/​gis_for_wilderness_search_and_rescue.pdf
 +* http://​www.sciencedirect.com/​science?​_ob=ArticleURL&​_udi=B6WJ8-45R86NB-F&​_user=456938&​_rdoc=1&​_fmt=&​_orig=search&​_sort=d&​view=c&​_acct=C000021830&​_version=1&​_urlVersion=0&​_userid=456938&​md5=4f2100a4f069a6277cb8a77426ecfbd0
 +* Lanny'​s BRIMS paper [http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~lannyl/​Publications/​LannyLin_BRIMS2009_Final.pdf A Bayesian approach to modeling lost person behaviors based on terrain features in Wilderness Search and Rescue] ​
 +* Sam's thesis (attached)
 +* Lanny'​s thesis [http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~lannyl/​Publications/​LannyLin_MSThesis_Final.pdf UAV Intelligent Path Planning for Wilderness Search and Rescue] [http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~lannyl/​Publications/​LannyLin_MSThesis_Presentation.zip Download Presentation]
 +* Chapters 1 and 2 of the WiSAR Bible
 +==Check out activetrails.com==
 +* Why don't they have a search function? -spengy
 +* It is neat, but more people need to participate to make it work. Many popular trails are missing or incorrect. -spengy
 +* Lots of trails are numbered, not named -spengy
 +==Make a page on the wiki for the keeping of meeting minutes==
 +* Ok then. [[Geocache Team Meetings]]
 +==Check out everytrail.com==
 +* So users can submit their trips of just about anything. Thankfully they are categorized into groups. --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* Wouldn'​t be too difficult to crawl the website and gather the tracklogs. If if everypages wasn't linked, we could view each page
 +just by enumerating the page ID numbers (an int can only get so big...right?​). --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* Makes me want to geotag photographs and upload my trips....... --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* Would there be any problems in crawling the website? In 240 we never seemed to cared...only following the robot filter. I can't seem to find one....and I don't seem to find a term of use for browsing the website.... --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +Observation:​ It seems that every tracklog on this website can be downloaded in a format native to Google Earth. ​ This will make visual analysis easier to do, thanks to google'​s great 3D rendering. ​ --[[User:​jpwill|James]]
 +* I've finished mining the tracklogs --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* The tracklogs are available from http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~snppla/​tracklogs/​ or from inside the lab /​home/​snppla/​public_html/​tracklog
 +* I've compressed 700MB of the hiking tracks from Spencer G's home directory into a .bz2 file.  It can be found in /​home/​spengy on tanglefoot. --[[User:​Spengy|Spengy]] 17:07, 20 May 2009 (EDT)
 +==Analyze Data Collected==
 +[[Tracklog Analysis]]
 +==Obtain GPS units==
 +* [https://​buy.garmin.com/​shop/​shop.do?​cID=145&​pID=8701 Garmin eTrex legend HCx] - higher-end option
 +** $250 MSRP
 +** Available on [http://​www.amazon.com/​GARMIN-010-00629-00-Etrex-Legend-Receiver/​dp/​B000PDR27G/​ref=sr_1_1?​ie=UTF8&​s=electronics&​qid=1241644839&​sr=8-1 amazon.com for $180]
 +** microSD storage (Limited internal memory. Only for basically waypoints and tracklogs)
 +** 25 hour battery life
 +** Can save more tracks
 +** color screen
 +** automatic routing (turn by turn directions)
 +** other stuff we don't care about
 +==Train up on IRB ethical/​legal guidelines==
 +* [https://​irbtutorial.byu.edu/​ Here is the tutorial it is tons of fun]
 +* This post contains links to other websites of interest in the GPX format http://​blog.expertgps.com/​blog/​2008/​11/​recommended-web-sites-with-gps-trails-in-gpx-format/​. --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* This is world wind. It's pretty much an open source version of Google Earth by NASA. I just thought it was interesting to note. http://​worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/​. Don't get too excited though. They admit Google Earth is more complete. --[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* Right now I am trying to search for trail data. That way when we analyze our data we can sift out what was on trails and what wasn'​t. Or maybe we could look at the everytrail stuff and look at pointers where only one person has gone. (I've had no luck)--[[User:​snppla|snppla]]
 +* A paper I found named Understanding Geocaching Practices and Motivations. I'm going to read it, just because it sounds interesting. http://​delivery.acm.org/​10.1145/​1360000/​1357239/​p1177-ohara.pdf?​key1=1357239&​key2=3575723421&​coll=GUIDE&​dl=GUIDE&​CFID=37364453&​CFTOKEN=35593981 -- [[User:​snppla|snppla]] (Not real beneficial for our purposes. Explains different reasons for why people participate,​ but also explains a lot about the sport in general. Adds some validity to our research. "An integral part of the experience is the getting there" and "A key motivation underlying participation was its use as a way of discovering new places to go." I know in my experience geocaching, it really does take you to a lot of new places.
 +*GPX to CSV converter - http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~spengy/​index.html
 +==Bayesian Model==
 +*Moved to [[References on Modeling Lost Person Behavior]] (about website http://​sarbayes.org/​)
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