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 +Notes from March 2 meeting:
 +* Update on technology development
 +** Distentangling phairwell from virtual cockpit. ​ Helping Scott spin up on a VC-independent 3D display. ​ Note that the display itself was developed completely independently of VC (and, indeed, the new version of VC borrowed some ideas from phairwell). ​ We just want to make the display completely independent of the communications packets with telemetry, GPS, etc. that come from VC.
 +*** Spencer Note: We aren't using VC for anything right now --- telemetry, packets, etc. all come straight from the commbox into Phairwell.
 +** Open-Sourcing project code?
 +*** What License? ​ Probably just BSD for maximum openness
 +*** We probably have to be careful about releasing code related to our friendly neighborhood UAV company. ​ Will talk with them before releasing anything to make sure we're not releasing anything proprietary and see how much they'​re willing to reveal.
 +*** Need to be careful about other IP.  Assignment to all: put together a list of tools/​software we use and any attached licensing restrictions.
 +** Refurbishing the current UAV.  Assignment: Mike will call Procerus. ​ (Following up: it looks like they have a maintenance program. ​ Will get a more detailed quote.)
 +** Autopilots, kits, and usage models for a quadrotor. ​ Decided to just order one and start playing with it.  Assignment: Mike and Josh will put together order list and give to Bryan to order through purchasing.
 +** Ron's work on technology for a manned aircraft. ​ (Deferred until next meeting)
 +* IC interface ideas
 +** Will backpacker magazine be doing an article on Lanny'​s model? ​ If not, can we post a print-ad in the magazine asking for tracklogs from off-trail? ​ Could we use the [http://​www.backpacker.com/​community/​ magazine'​s community] pages to request tracklogs? ​ Ongoing: put together website for uploading.
 +** Mike Jones has been working with forestry and micro-ecology experts to model how wind influences forest growth. ​ They are developing cellular automata models that could be useful as vegetation models of various conditions. ​ Could we use these models to inform how vegetation influences the movement of missing persons? ​ Could we provide some aerial imagery that supports their work?  Could we use a quadrotor to gather data from various angles that then informs their models? ​ Could their models be generalized to work on vegetation found in the high desert plains or chapparal found in California? ​ (Mike will join us for next meeting on March 16)
 +* [[Community Outreach FAQ]]. ​ I've created a new page of questions and comments that I have received from the general WiSAR community. ​ I'd like us to post responses to these questions.
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