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 +== Plan for 2009-2010 ==
 +We need to reconstruct this information since the wiki crashed and hadn't been backed up.   ​Please start by listing what technologies you are working on long-term, and what you are working on for the November field trial.
 +'''​Spencer Gardner'''​
 +* My long term goals right now are to organize tracklogs and to work on Phairwell. For the field trial I hope to get warning messages into Phairwell. Later other programs would subscribe to the broadcasts and behave accordingly. I am working on storing the tracklogs in a database to allow queries for tracklogs with given attributes.
 +'''​Spencer Clark'''​
 +* Long-term I think I'm working on my GPS-related code and on Phairwell. For the field trial, I am working on some nice at-a-glance widgets for Phairwell. When/if I am finished with that, I hope to make some other changes to Phairwell.
 +'''​Lanny Lin'''​
 +* Extending terrain feature-based modeling of lost person behavior. Specifically,​ adding trail following and intended destination to the model, and also using real GPS track logs and possibly real WiSAR scenarios for validation.
 +* Integrate distribution generation with SkyDriver as a client/​server component.
 +* Expand the distribution generation component with interactive interface that allows the user to modify distribution dynamically.
 +* Improve path-planning algorithms with coarse-to-fine and gradient descent on the Global Warming dimension to speed things up.
 +* Integrate path-planning with SkyDriver as a client/​server component.
 +* Investigate how partial detection and seeability affect algorithms'​ performance.
 +* (Possibly) adding time dimension to the path-planning problem.
 +* Implement sliding autonomy on SkyDriver and perform user study on simulated environment. Also evaluate sliding autonomy with real field trial.
 +* For November field trail, I better not integrate any of these to reduce risk.
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