This is a page for planning the upcoming November field trial/demo. We hope to demo for Utah County Search and Rescue.

When and Where

Demo date is November 21, 2009. Make sure to check the wiki before heading out so you know which plan to use. Also make sure you post your contact information at the main page so we can inform you of any changes.

  • Plan A: Weather permits, we'll do a field trial demo at the usual location.
  • Plan B: If weather is really bad, we'll do a demo at Utah County Search and Rescue office instead (someone post the directions).
  • Plan C: Postponing the demo to another date.

Proposed Schedule:

  • 6:30 Jacob and other people who will be getting a ride with Jacob meet at MAGICC lab to load trailer.
  • 6:45 Other people meeting at TMCB to load stuff and arrange for car pooling.
  • 7:00 Leaving BYU and heading to Elberta.
  • 8:00 Arriving Elberta to set up equipment.
  • 8:30 Hopefully we can throw the plane into the air.
  • 9:00 Start the real demo
  • 11:00 End the demo and go home

People Attending the Demo:

  • Mike Goodrich
  • Bryan Morse
  • Ron Zeeman
  • Mike Roscheck
  • Lanny Lin
  • Spencer Clark
  • Spencer Gardner
  • Brandon Carroll
  • Daniel Thornton
  • Daniel Miller
  • (Add your name to the list if you are going)


Responsibility Assignment
Scenario/ Hide Missing Person None
Trailer None
Coordinate Bringing Hardware None
Radios None
Food None
Incident Commander / Mission Manager None
Safety Officer / Base Team Coordinator None
UAV Operator None
Video Searchers None
Ground Team None
Hardware Support None
Video Notes None
Ethnography (Notes) None

Check Lists

All Photos of the Demo

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