The CPMS media team wants to film us flying the plane and talking about all of the work we've been doing.

When and Where

Saturday September 25, 2010 at the '''usual location.'''

  • Preload trailer on Friday evening
  • Meet at the TMCB at 8:00AM
  • Be at Elberta by 9:00AM
  • Plane in the air by 10:00AM
  • Done by noon


Responsibility Assignment
Target Placement Dr. Morse, Ron Zeeman
Trailer/Truck Jacob Bishop
Coordinate Bringing Hardware Sam Ogden, Mike Roscheck
Donuts Lanny
Safety Officer Dr. Morse
UAV Operator Ron Zeeman
Video Searchers Josh Abbott
Ground Team / Talent Sam Ogden

Lessons Learned / Things We Need

  • Superglue
  • More spare parts. (Servos, servo arms, control horns, etc)
  • The high-power video transmitter is lame
  • The low-power video transmitter is lame
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