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 +The intent of this page is to discuss ideas of how to analyze track-logs, and to formulate testable theories about human movement in the wild.  What I have written is without any basis yet, but it is a place to start. --[[User:​jpwill|James]]
 +=Track-log Analysis=
 +Import a track-log into Google Earth and study the relationships evident between the path taken and major features of the terrain and vegetation visible in the software.
 +==Self-aware computation==
 +Compare points in a track-log to ascertain patterns such as:
 +*Maximum slope of elevation gains and losses
 +*Percent of travel at a given slope
 +*If a goal is known, deviation from a straight course
 +==Environment-aware computation==
 +Compare points in a track-log with known points to ascertain patterns such as:
 +*Slope perpendicular to travel
 +=Human Movement Theories=
 +==Water Flow Theory==
 +For travel between two points A and B, where A has greater elevation than B and the slope does not change signs, a human will follow the same path water would take, or the reverse. ​ That is, a human will follow the path of least resistance, generally holding to ravines.
 +==Ridge Line Theory==
 +Selection of a goal is based on visibility, which is not good in ravines. ​ Humans will come up out of their '​easy'​ paths in order to see terrain and pick a new goal.
 +==Elevation Maintenance Theory==
 +*Contradicting the water flow theory
 +A human will walk along a hillside, keeping a virtually constant elevation.
 +==Switchback Theory==
 +*Contradicting the water flow theory
 +When climbing or descending a particularly steep hill, a human will follow switchbacks,​ rather than climb straight up.
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