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 +== Computer Case ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16811119193 COOLER MASTER Elite 341] <br>
 +Dimensions: 15.75" x 7.28" x 14.37" - 1648 cubic inches <br>
 +Although this case is 15% larger than the smallest micro-ATX cases we could use, it is much easier to work with and provides superior cooling. <br>
 +Price: $45 <br>
 +== CPU ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16819115225 IIntel Core i7-930 2.8GHz 130W Quad-Core] <br>
 +Socket 1366 for higher-end X58 motherboards. It provides 40 PCI-Express lanes, which allows each device to utilize its maximum bandwidth. <br>
 +The X58 motherboards also have 6 memory slots instead of 4, with support for triple-channel memory. <br>
 +The downside to this CPU and X58 motherboard is a bit higher power consumption. <br>
 +Price: $290 <br>
 +== CPU Cooler ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16835181010 CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1] <br>
 +A compact and maintenance free liquid cooling setup for superior cooling. <br>
 +Price: $80 <br>
 +== Motherboard ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16813130227 MSI X58M LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX] <br>
 +Price: $170 <br>
 +== Graphics Card ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16814130550 EVGA] or [http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16814121372 ASUS] NVIDIA GTX 470 <br>
 +Price: $350 <br>
 +== Hard Drive ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16822152185 SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB] <br>
 +Fastest 7200 rpm hard drive available. There are a couple of decent [http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16822136456 2TB hard drives] available, but many have found them to be much more unreliable than the 1TB hard drives. <br>
 +Price: $90 <br>
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16820167023 Intel X25-M Mainstream 80GB SSD] <br>
 +Extremely fast read performance with pretty good write performance. Would be a great SSD for OS and programs. <br>
 +Price: $215 <br>
 +There is a new SSD (soon available) that we could use instead. Crucial RealSSD C300 64GB. <br>
 +Price: $150 <br>
 +== Removable Hard Drive Rack ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16817993031 SNT-125B] <br>
 +Price: $12 <br>
 +== RAM ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16820231225 G.Skill 6GB (3x2GB)] <br>
 +Used with the X58 motherboard. <br>
 +Price: $150 <br>
 +== Power Supply ==
 +[http://​www.newegg.com/​Product/​Product.aspx?​Item=N82E16817171037 COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 700] <br>
 +700 Watt, modular power supply. Has the shortest length (5.9") available in high-wattage power supply. <br>
 +Price: $120 <br>
 +== Network Card ==
 +An extra basic Gigabit Ethernet card should do fine, giving us two total Ethernet ports.
 +== Capture Card ==
 +We need a capture card that does uncompressed video, doesn'​t drop corrupt frames, and works on Linux. <br>
 +Here's a card that is not too expensive $360: [http://​www.sensoray.com/​products/​811.htm Sensoray Model 811]. I emailed the company to see if it would drop frames or not.<​br>​
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